Naturally dyed, hand-woven Finnish wool


Every shawl is unique and its waviness depends on the variations in the native breed wool quality.

Handwoven of 100 % Kainuu Grey wool.

Size appr. 100 x 200 cm.

Care: Wool itself is dirt repellent, so airing out your shawl might be enough. If it`s necessary to wash the shawl, do it either by hand in lukewarm water or in washing-machine at 30°C in the wool cycle. Do not use a tumble-dryer. If you take good care of your shawl it will last a lifetime.

Plain shawls

Colour Kainuu Grey, or piece dyed using non-toxic mordant and cultivated dye plants.

Shawls with stripes

Stripes of naturally dyed colours, in varying widths and rhythms, on Kainuu Grey background.